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06 July 2015 @ 09:48 pm
GENE EX in Taiwan and HK  
Yup, I went there too XD

The best thing about attending their live abroad is you get to experience things that will never happen in Japan, which is being able to take pics and record the live lol! I only took a few pictures though (a few compared to my other friends XD) and I only made a recording of the performers' part because I wanted to enjoy the live as much as I could.

The venue in Taiwan was actually very close to Taipei 101 building. I got lost a bit when I first looked for the venue. When I found my way back to Taiwan 101 it was actually very close lol.

 photo 20150625_182243.jpg

The Taiwan live was very special because it fell on my birthday. It was definitely the best birthday ever in my life. Again, I went alone but that didn't really matter because I am used to going to concerts alone XD

I made quite a lot of Japanese friends there, most of them were those who took the package tour. One of them that I got close real quick is Nanamin. She happens to love ONE OK ROCK as well so we had a really nice fangirling time about GENE and OOR. Oh, she loves Reo (and it seems that all the new Japanese friends I met that day were dominated by Reo fans XD).

GENE EX in Taiwan

26 June

 photo 20150626_162910.jpg

VIP ticket came with a high touch session and rehearsal party. I was so nervous to meet the boys again XD I was accompanied by, Boo (I don't really know how to write his name), a Thai fan (a fanboy who loves Ryota XD) and I enjoyed talking with him :) That was his first GENE live and he was really excited. The good thing is he speaks English and Mandarin (or is it Cantonese? XD) so he translated what the Taiwan staff said when it was about our turn to enter the venue.

The boys' standing arrangement for the high touch session was always the same. I told Hayato that that day was my birthday and he congratulated me. What made me happier is that Alan happened to hear me say that and then he said "おめでとうございます!" huhuhuhuhu....I was so happy because he said that before I hi-touched with him T_T And again, I blew another chance to say anything to Ryuto I just smiled at him T_T I said "I come from Indonesia" to Ryota and he said ”凄い!応援ありがとうございます!” I only smiled to Yuta, Reo and Mendy lol! I stood right next to the barrier in far right with GENEfam from Thailand. That was the best spot because we could still see GENE do hi-touch with other fans, we got extra time to enjoy the view in front of us hahahaha...

GENE sang 4 songs in the rehearsal party; Sing it Loud, Hana (I forgot the other 2 XD)

The show started at 8 so we waited quite a while inside the venue. My back was hurting so much, age really doesn't lie huh? XD The boys looked so kakkoii as always all those memories in Asahikawa came back to me again I felt so emo and so hyped at the same time when Sing it Loud intro was playing. I'm glad that they seemed to be more relaxed in this live compared to their first live in Taiwan last year.

Here is the setlist (the same as the one in HK)
1. Sing it Loud
5. Love You More
7. My Only Love
8. 片想い
12. Hard Knock Days
13. to the STAGE
15. Always with you

2. Evergreen
3. いつか晴れ渡る空の下で

(they sang the English version of Sing it Loud, HOT SHOT, NEVER LET YOU GO and Love You More in HK)

My luck in getting the frisbee is still far from being great lol! Ann was so lucky to get the frisbee from Ryuto. She cried when she held it XD (lol I got teary while typing this). She was so kind to let me take a picture with Ryuto's frisbee. I got to touch the frisbee he touched lmao! The live was much shorter than the Japan tour though I was still craving for some more :(

 photo 20150626_213947.jpg
(life goal as an LDH fan *weeps*)


27 June

I made a change to my flight to HK because Calubi told me that GENE would be having a mini event at HK airport on 27 June at 2pm. Oh my! I thought they would have the event on 28th T_T I already bought my air ticket and it was really cheap. I tried to find cheap flights to HK that matched the event time but the "cheapest" one I could get was China Airlines (the one way ticket cost me 2.5 times more expensive than the ticket I'd already bought OTL). But it all paid off because GENE AND I WERE ON THE SAME PLANE OMG!!!! oh God! I didn't realize that GENE were standing behind us while we were checking in hahahahaha...I braced myself to give Alan some chocolates after he passed the immigration. He was walking with Ryota and there were no staff around them. Yuta came first though. He recoginized Ann and said something in Thai and then Ann gave him a present. Then came Hayato. He was walking with (I assume) their English teacher (?) I heard Hayato speak English with her. His pronunciation was so cute XD Then I saw Reo passed by. He saw me and nodded and gave me a vague smile (lol Reo stop acting so cool, will you? XD <3 ). Then I saw Ryuto! T_T he took a picture of Captain America that was displayed in front of one of the shops (he's a an Avengers fan). When he was taking the picture, he said "Captain 大好きです! Gaew asked him "Iron Man は?” he answered "Iron Man も大好きよ" oh my! Ryuto's deep voice *weeps*

 photo 20150627_092629.jpg
(I'm keeping my boarding pass as a memento hahahahaha)

We then sat in the boarding lounge waiting for the plane (our flight was delayed for about 20 minutes). The boys were sitting a few rows in front of us. I chose to sit in the seat opposite Alan and Ryuto so I could see them hahahaha...Then finally we boarded the plane. GENE and the staff boarded the plane the last I think. Hayato saw me when he was queuing for his seat and then he nodded and smiled at me OMG! I swear to God I really love Hayato XDDDD

We arrived quite late and I had loads of whatsapp messages from Calubi. I forgot to tell her that the flight was delayed. She said that lots of fans were already waiting for GENE. When I was walking to the immigration, PATO-san (or was it SEVA-san I can't be sure because the twins look so extremely identical I cannot tell them apart lol), one of EXPG instructors, was walking beside me and I greeted him ”こんにちはー” and he greeted me back \o/ After we took our luggage we headed to Gate A. The boys were standing there. I shamelessly nodded to them XD

 photo 20150627_141352.jpg

I hugged Calubi when I saw her. OMG I miss her so much! the last time we met was in Japan at ATSUSHI's concert. Grae and Tracy were there too.

The fans screamed when GENE was walking out from Gate A. They all looked surprised to see such welcome from the fans XD We ran quickly to get the best spot near the mini stage XD We stood quite near to the stage, took quite a lot of pictures of them. Calubi and I squealed a bit when Yuta nodded and smiled at us lol!

 photo 20150627_142053.jpg

 photo 20150627_144013.jpg

 photo 20150627_143956.jpg

 photo 20150627_144139.jpg

Oh, I finally met Anzu-chan, my friend on twitter. She recognized me first I was so surprised when she called out my name ^^ Anzu-chan is such a nice girl. She kept apologizing for not bringing any souvenirs for me and Calubi because she didn't expect to see me there XD

 photo img1435997337060.jpg.png

We stayed at the airport a bit for late lunch. Then we went to the hotel (Calubi stayed at the hotel with me for two days. I love her so much). Then in the evening we celebrated my birthday at a sushi restaurant. It was really the best birthday I've ever had in my life. I'm blessed to have such wonderful friends T__T They even gave me a birthday cake T__T


28 June

I arrived at the venue quite early because I was helping Calubi and her HK EXILE fan admins to pass the banner to all the fans attending the concert. I'm so glad that the ticket concert in HK sold out. Mendy also tweeted about it ^^

During the high touch session I said "ファイナル頑張って下さい!" to all of them, except for Alan. I said "インドネシアに来て下さい!" to him and touched his hands longer than I should have lol! He laughed a bit and he said thank you XD

I had the best spot in the final live. The first row omg! XD I stood with Nanamin and Cha-san, both are Reo fans XD When Cha-san asked me who my fave members were she said I should have stood at the left side since that's where Alan always stood lol! Tbh, I want to see lots of Reo and his crazy moves so it was alright hahahahaha....During the MC part, they asked where we came from and when Alan was talking to the fans who didn't come from Taiwan and HK, Hayato, who was standing in front of us, heard me scream "INDONESIA!" and he talked to me and asked me where I was from. jhdjksdjsls!!!! HAYATO.WAS.TALKING.TO.ME!! *screams* I kept screaming INDONESIA (lol! I wonder if he knows Indonesia XD) He then said thank you and smiled omg T__T Nanamin kept saying how nice Hayato was to talk to me T__T oh Baby Koala how I love you <333

 photo img1435501845821.jpg.png

The boys spoke a lot of English in the final live. Ryuto, Ryota and Alan's English pronunciation is really good! Hayato's pronunciation is really cute hahahaha...

We hold our banner when they sang the last song. It was a surprise for them. Ryota wrote about this in his blog and he said thank you for the surprise <3

 photo 20150628_121056.jpg

Sigh. It was such a wonderful night I'm glad I was a part of it <3

I hope GENE and other LDH artists will do more concerts outside Japan.

Thank you for the wonderful memories, GENE <3 Let's meet again some other time :)

And Hayato, I hope you like the belated birthday I gave you ^^

Oh, Yuta uploaded this picture on GENE's twitter. Can you find me here? XDDD

GENEちゃん、World Tour お疲れ様でした!

 photo 20150628_121056.jpg