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The covers of GENE's upcoming single, Hard Knock Days, were finally revealed! Oh my! what a great consolation after a disappointing morning (a.k.a DEP's BEAUTIFUL NAME, both song and PV. Ryuji's voice really doesn't suit this song ugh! >.<)

I already made my pre-order as soon as the mobile bonus was announced. Another set of GENE's signature hahahaha...bought all versions of course lol! I keep telling myself that I should stop buying all versions because I always end up not opening my copies even though I have received them OTL but it's hard to resist when it comes to GENE hahaha...And this time I also got all music cards! Not gonna do the same mistakes again with Evergreen music cards when they were all sold out just when I was about to order them *sobs* and my oh my! the music cards are awesome! can't wait to see the badges. These badges are the reason why I love music cards XD

awesome covers! I love the CD+DVD cover most <3


CD only

once coin CD

Can't wait to see the PV. There will be 2 PVs in this single. YAAAAAAASSSS!
Tags: generations, hkd, katayose ryota, kazuhara ryuto, komori hayato, ldh: generations, nakatsuka yuta, sano reo, sekiguchi mendy, shirahama alan
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