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21 July 2016 @ 09:13 pm
SPEEDSTER in Okinawa 9&10 July 2016  

It's really been a while since I updated my blog lol! I've been missing the muse to blog actually that I haven't blogged anything about AMAZING WORLD and ATSUSHI's IT'S SHOW TIME despite the fact I had a really amazing time in both concerts. I'm not sure if I can blog about AW since it's already been months (and the DVD is already out anyway), but I'll try to blog about ATSUSHI's IT'S SHOW TIME later, but for the time being, let me start with SPEEDSTER first *hides*

I really have to thank GENE for making me go to places I have never been before. I have always wanted to go to Okinawa and knowing that GENE would hold their concert there I tried my luck to ballot for Okinawa shows. Okinawa was supposed to be their final show, that's why I balloted for it, because final show is normally more special. But unfortunately it wasn't lol! oh well, it's alright. I'm already more than happy to be able to go to Okinawa.

Okinawa is such a nice place, but the weather was very unpredictable. One second it was very hot and the next thing we knew it poured so hard, like reaallly hard! Jean and I had to go home while bearing the cold from being soaked from head to toe because of the rain lmao! It was such a memorable night XDDD

Okay, now let's talk about GENE and SPEEDSTER ^^

It's been a year since I last saw the boys on stage. Well, I saw Alan and Mendy in AW last December but I need to see them all. I missed them so much that when the lights were off I started to have tears in my eyes lol!

The opening movie was soooo cool! and I was so surprised to know that all of them spoke in English like wow! Hearing them speak English really made me happy because it feels like we, overseas fans, are being acknowledged and appreciated. Thank you GENE! <333 Their English was pretty clear to understand though sometimes I needed to focus more to be able to tell whose voice I was hearing lol!

OHMYGOD!!! I cried so hard when I finally saw them again on stage! Damn my boys have grown up so much I couldn't help feeling so proud lol! In the first show, I got arena seat on the left side so I was able to see lots of Hayato, Alan and Ryota. But the good thing is they changed formation quite a lot that I could see all of them real close from my seat too and DAMN REO!!!!! I TELL YOU THAT REO HAS BECOME SO DANGEROUS!!!! Dang! I didn't expect Reo could be so mind-blowing ahahahahaha....he's soooo damn fine he's such a bias wrecker lol!
AGEHA looks so awesome in live and it felt good to be able to dance to that AGEHA part XD

I've always loved loved loved the performers part in Evergreen because GENE never fails me, not even once! and oh damn Alan is sooooo kakkoiii!!! hahahahahaha....the performers part in Evergreen was extended a bit it was a nice surprise <3333

Alan's favorite song! oh wow! the atmosphere in the venue really lightened up. They went straight with the chorus part first. I love love love BIO in live performances!

They also went straight with the chorus part in this song. THE DANCE PART OMGGGG!!!! <333333333333333333

A performance that always brings smiles and warmth to my heart hahahaha...and I love how Ryuto always improvises his tune in this song <333

Gimme performance was really good they were playing with the camera. You gotta see it for yourself later how amazing the performance is \o/
I think I was dumbfounded because I was so stunned during LOADSTAR performance lol! Damn I love this song so much and the performance just makes me love it even more! <333 RYUTO'S RAP IS EVERYTHING *CRIES*

8. ...For You
No dance performance here. Four of them went to the left side while the other three went to the right to get closer to the fans. I think I was only focusing on Alan here, admiring how handsome he is, that perfect nose, that perfect face, that perfect skin lol!

9. Love You More
Kyaaaaaa.....the fans went nuts when the intro played lol! Tbh I always worried about Ryota's voice in LYM (and also Kataomoi) but he sang perfectly here <333 I love what Ryuto did with the song <333

10.Tell Me Why
I really love the dance part in this song.

11. Rainy Room
A very nice performance with a very nice background. The big screen was in monochrome mode making it more perfect! <333

12. Hana
OH GOD!!! WHAT A SURPRISE BECAUSE RYUTO AND RYOTA PLAYED A PIANO HERE!!!! HANA PIANO VERSION!!!!! The performance by the two of them was sooo beautiful I was so proud! they sang perfectly and Ryota's falsetto is everything here T___T I sat in the left side so I could see Ryota perfectly and saw Ryuto's shoulder and vice versa in the second day.
The lyrics in Hana always makes me cry because that's how I feel about them. Seeing and meeting them is really a miracle. Even if I was to reborn, I'd love them again and again T___T
During the MC talk, Ryuto said he was nervous because he was playing the piano together with the master, Prince Ryota hahahaha....Ryota being embarrassed is the cutest thing ever <333

13. Kataomoi
I was hoping they would do the same harmonization like the one they did in GENE EX though, but this song was also flawless. Nothing to worry at all about Ryota being out of tune lol! He has improved a lot <333

Amazing as always!!! \o/ GENE has their backdancers in SPEEDSTER. I was annoyed at first because there were so many people on stage but these dancers are so awesome and they are so kakkoii as well lol! Some of them are from Reo's krump family, I forgot what their stage names are XD I wonder if these dancers are from EXPG. Damn they are soooo good!

Oh God! they sang the Japanese version and continued with the English version. The screen was showing their world tour footage. I didn't know why but I sobbed seeing that footage. My boys have come this far with a lot of improvement I'm so proud T__T

YEEESSSSS!!!!!!! I'D BEEN WAITING!!!!!! MY BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T______T

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! I WASN'T EXPECTING THEY WOULD SING THIS I WENT SOOOOO NUTS!!!!! I have always wanted to see this performance with my own eyes I was sooo happy T___T DJ MAKIDAI & SWAY came on stage in the form of hologram hahahahaha....awesome performance!!!!

These boys wouldn't let me breathe!!!! after Off The Hook they continued with my most fave song omg! T____T why is GENE so awesome? T__T

I was burned lol! We could feel the heat from that fire on stage hahahahaha

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......this performance was SOOOOOOOO fun!!!!! The boys were so cute I can't! OTL They introduced the backdancers here and my heart fluttered hahahahaha....damn so kakkoiii I didn't blink!!! XDDDD

Time to play with our muffler towel here hahaha....I wasn't planning to buy the muffler towel actually, but knowing that they would sing this, I just had to. What a fun performance <333

Huhu....I was finally able to see this performed live <333



The day before, Alan wrote in his blog that they would announce something in Okinawa Day 1 concert. I thought it was going to be an Asia tour hahaha...but it turned out that they extend SPEEDSTER until December. Wow! so happy for them but it means we wouldn't get SPEEDSTER DVD any time soon? T__T They also promote HIGH & LOW THE MOVIE. Unlike in other venues before Okinawa, they didn't show RUN THIS TOWN full PV. I think it's because we've all seen it after the album was released. I was hoping they would perform RUN THIS TOWN but unfortunately they didn't :(

This is an interesting corner XD Each of them got to act as a janitor at a cinema XD The most interesting parts are Alan's and Reo's XDDDD
Reo: Among GENE members, I was told that I am a cold person. I am actually very nice. (LOL REO!)
Alan: why do I have to clean this? Don't you know that I am Alan? The Shirahama Alan! (lmaoooo!!!!! this boy! XDDD Then he kissed all of us with his chuu hahahahahaha)

OH GOD!!!! Have I told you that I love HKD to bits????? damn this performance was soooooooo damn cool!!!! I think Reo, Alan, Yuta and Mendy took off their clothes here hahahaha

This song gives me the same feeling as NLYG <333

What a nice performance T__T I love the choreography here <333 And really, I'm so glad that I don't have to worry about Ryota's voice anymore XDDD

I was surprised they didn't sing this song as their last song.

Dayem! I've never seen such a kakkoii song to end a concert like this before. Gaaahhh.....GENE look so perfectly cool in this performance <33333333333


My opinion:

SPEEDSTER is definitely better than GENE EX. I love the costumes they wore here, especially in the second part where they sang Gimme and LOADSTAR. Oh man! whoever the stylist is, he/she deserves a huge applause. I love love love the suit! and also the white shirt! that red ornaments on the shirt are really perfect! I didn't know why only Reo and Yuta were wearing leather pants here XD and oh, Ryota's slender legs are forver distracting for me lmao I'm sorry (not).

I've been behaving so well with concert goods XD I normally just bought everything when it comes to GENE but I need to save some money for my Tokyo trip because I knew I would spend a lot at H&L THE BASE & IZAKAYA EXILE. Moreover, I have promised myself that I would limit my goods purchases because I simply have no space for all of them T_T (and also no money lol). The last time I went nuts about concert goods is at AMAZING WORLD. Couldn't help it though, AW goods are the best things evarrr!!!

Well, let's see if I can go to their additional performance later. Need to find people who want to buy my body organs first lmao!

Okay, pictures time! ^^

My arena seat on Day 1 and Day 2

The pretty Okinawa and my cute companion ^^

Got Alan and Ryuto for my mobile bonus hahahaha....these hands bring me so much luck XDD

we love you so much, GENE!!!

Finally got these signed tapes on Day 2! Still no luck in getting the frisbee so that means I still have to go to their concerts, right? hahahaha

Next post will be about Tokyo trip where all the amazingness of HIGH & LOW THE BASE, HIGH & LOW THE MOVIE and IZAKAYA EXILE happened <333

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ogawa_kaori: ryutaogawa_kaori on August 13th, 2016 04:20 pm (UTC)
Hi! I stumbled upon your livejournal when I searched through GENERATIONS tag in tumblr. Found your translation of 100 Q&A from GENE members (thank you!! I really had fun reading them) and I came to this entry.

I always love reading fanaccount/fanreport from concert, so I really enjoy reading through this. I've listened to GENE's 1st album since last year, but it was only last month I practically sold my soul to these adorable kids hahaha... GENERATION EX and SPEEDSTER got me totally hooked on their music.

I'm half envious of you, for being able to watch the kids live. It must be such an amazing experience, hahaha... And yeah, I'm actually also waiting for this SPEEDSTER TOUR to be made into DVD. I'm craving for their lives!! (I just bought SPEEDSTER album with GENERATION EX TOUR as bonus DVD, still waiting for it to arrive)

Sorry for this super long comment >__< I only want to say thank you so much for sharing your experience! Thank you! <3
qnuy kusanagi: geneqnuy on August 13th, 2016 05:21 pm (UTC)
Hi ^^

Thank you so much for your comment. I always love reading long comments hahahaha <3

Yes, it's always an amazing experience to see their live and see them in real life. I hope you'll be able to experience that too someday :)

Now that you mentioned about the 100 Q&A, I still haven't finished Alan's part lol it's been centuries.

GENE EX is an awesome concert, I'm sure you'll get head over heels with SPEEDSTER concert later XD

Thanks again for your comment <3