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23 July 2016 @ 07:17 pm
of amazingness and broken heart aka HIGH & LOW THE BASE, HIGH & LOW THE MOVIE and IZAKAYA EXILE  


I left Okinawa for Tokyo at around 11am. Had I not re-checked my flight schedule the day before, I would have missed my flight because I thought my flight was at 1pm lol! Naha Airport is really nice but unfortunately I took Peach so I had to fly from LCC terminal. Not really liking that terminal though XD

It took 2 hours 50 minutes to reach Tokyo. Okinawa was soo hot that as soon as I reached Tokyo, the weather felt so warm XD My plane landed at Narita, which is not my favorite airport since it's quite far from Narita to reach downtown Tokyo. It took more than 1 hour to reach Tokyo and as soon as I reached Asakusa, I rushed to my hostel because I needed to be in Odaiba around 5 to meet Jean and Rin. I reached Odaiba much later than 5 OTL So glad to finally meet Jean again and meet a new friend, Rin-chan. She's from Thailand but she's studying in Japan. Her English is so perfect ^^


Both of them had bought the ticket for me before I arrived. Apparently the ticket booth is in a different area from the entrance gate. I felt so dokidoki when I entered izakaya EXILE, because I was silently screaming "I'M FINALLY HERE!!!! IZAKAYA EXILE!!!" hahahaha....it's always been my dream to be able to go to izakaya and feel all the atmosphere there.

There weren't many people queuing because it was a weekday. You are not allowed to pick your own table so you've just gotta accept any table the staff gives you. We got table that has Tetchan's signature on it, not complaining XD

Rin ordered Kenjiro's okonomiyaki and Taiki's drink (since Taiki is her ichiban XD), Jean ordered Mendy's burger and Alan's drink and I ordered Gunchan unagi onigiri (since it's the only "safe" food for me to eat) and Alan's drink. Oh my! never have I thought that Gunchan's unagiri was so yummy and so was Alan's drink! Alan loves oranges so it's just natural for him to produce something which has oranges in it XD so perfect for summer. Thank you Alan <3

You are allowed to use the table for 2 hours only here in izakaya, but when your 2 hours is up, you can still go around the area. There are gacha booth, goods booth, AMAZING COFFEE booth, MATSU bocchi booth, and some other booths. I only spent 1000 yen on gacha hahaha (I was being good XD). I got NAOKI & NESMITH.

And guess what??? I was finally able to try TAKAHIRO's ペロペロフルーツポンチアイス hahahaha! I'm glad he made something that I can eat XD I think, of all EXILE members' food and drink, TAKAHIRO's is the most anticipated one XDDDD

This thing is so damn delicious!

don't think dirty, okay? hahahahaha

Oh, funny thing happened. I like how the staff were all so friendly and often engaged in conversations with us by asking who our biases are, and there is this one waitress, she thought that I was the mother lmao! she said "it's so good to see a mother can get along so well with her daughters" LMAO!!!!! I told her Jean and Rin are not my daughters, but they are my friends. She looked so apologetic and apologized to me many times hahahahaha....so sad laa...am I that old? XDDD I guess age doesn't lie huh? LMAO!!! I should have replied "yes, and we're waiting for ATSUSHI aka their father to show up on that stage" XDDDD

My cute "daughters" and me XDDDD

I didn't manage to taste AMAZING COFFEE the last time I was in Japan, so I was so glad that I could finally drink it. Man! the coffee is awesome. Tetchan, thank you! and look at this beautiful cup T_T

We also took a picture with MATSU hahahaha! of course not the real one but damn this panel looks so real I was surprised when I saw it I thought it was MATSU himself XD

Another dream fulfilled ^^ (but damn blurry picture huhu)

and hugging my life lol!


Aaahhhh....finally! T_T

I was sooooo excited about going here because, well..., anything related to HIGH & LOW always makes me excited! Rin chan couldn't make it that day so it was only me and Jean. There weren't many people queuing either that day, so we didn't have to wait long. We paid 1000 yen for the entrance fee, showed them our ID to prove that we are old enough to drink alcohol (though I don't drink). Then we were given H&L THE BASE sticker and a "bracelet" (it's different color each day). So excited to see this XD

Just like IZAKAYA EXILE, the staff picked the table for us. Jean got her wish, RUDE BOYS table! yay! ^^

THE BASE is really amazing! The tables are in 5 different colors representing SWORD. Each table has each SWORD logo on it and of course signed by all LDH artists that are involved in H&L drama. Fans were walking around taking pictures of the signatures. Besides the amazing tables, all attires worn by the casts were also displayed. OMG my eyes were teary when I saw Yamato and Noboru's outfit hahahaha Those clothes really look amazing when you see them real close. There is also Asahina garage and a stage in the middle with Sannoh logo there.
We can only use the table for 90 minutes, but just like IZAKAYA, we were still allowed to walk around the base because next to the dining area, you can see ITOKAN, FUNK JUNGLE, gacha area, goods area and AMAZING COFFEE car.

Jean ordered Pi's (ZEN) takoyaki and that tomato drink (I forgot whose that was, the taste was a bit chotto....hahahaha). I ordered MUGEN omurice, because again, that's the only safe food I could eat, and also strawberry milk (not a perfect combination with the omurice though), then we shared Bernie's shrimps (delicious!!). After that we ordered kakigori. Mine is the strawberry one, and Jean's is the melon one. 美味しかった!

After paying the bill, we went to the other part of THE BASE. OHGOD!!!! I felt like crying when I saw ITOKAN because ever since I knew that the real ITOKAN would be featured in THE BASE, I couldn't stop feeling so excited to see it with my own eyes T__T oh my! everything inside ITOKAN is exactly the same as the one you see in the drama *cries*

(because blurry picture is everything)

and I'm forever Sannoh (and MUGEN)

1 box of this contains of 10 sachets of coffee. Each sachet has different logo. Really awesome, but unfortunately since I'm so bad at brewing my own coffee and my stomach can't handle black coffee, I didn't buy this (naah..the real reason is because I don't have 3000 yen to splurge on this *hides*

We bought two gachas (Jean and I decided to limit our gacha purchases to two only XD) I got Hiroto bracelet and Kabuto Ijuin bracelet. OMG! I definitely can't exchange the latter with other fans so I'll just keep it and wear my Hiroto Amamiya bracelet instead XD It seems that I've been lucky with Amamiya Bros goods. Earlier in Okinawa, I got Amamiya Bros multi pouch when I bought the H&L kuji XD

14 July - Kawagoe and the day I was heartbroken

Jean flew back to PH. I took her to the station and we parted ways. My plan was to go to Kawagoe since I have always wanted to go to this place, and watch Gunchan's movie in the evening at Shibuya.

I arrived at Kawagoe around 1.30pm. When I was at Starbucks checking out the map trying to find out how to go to the places in the map, I checked twitter and was so surprised and sad that Nobuyuki and Aoyagi Sho came to THE BASE. OMG!!! why didn't he come on the 13th instead? T__T Ever since H&L drama, I've been so head over heels with Nobuyuki hahahaha he's such a good actor but so underrated ;_; Knowing that my dream had crushed, all the hype I had about Kawagoe just vanished T__T OHGOD! Why didn't I decide to go to THE BASE first then go to Kawagoe later? HUHUHUHUHUHU...My Nobuyuki...My Yamato T__T Why don't you love me? T___T

Not until like around 3pm did I decide to leave Starbucks and do what I had planned to do in Kawagoe (with a heavy heart lol). Kawagoe is really nice! it has those old Japanese houses and somehow it reminds me of Arashiyama in Kyoto. And there is this one shop that sells everything Ghibli OMGGG!!!! *___* When I LINED my friends about this shop, they asked me if the stuff sold there is original stuff lmao! hello, this is Japan we're talking about. OHMY!! my eyes went *__* when I saw everything there. Good thing that I didn't have money to spend lol! otherwise the shop would be the death of me XDD

I left Kawagoe at around 5. It was drizzling and I didn't bring an umbrella. I headed to Shibuya to buy the ticket for Gunchan's movie. I'm glad I was still able to watch it. Though it has been a month since it was released, the cinema was still half full. Wow! I was amazed! Rain poured sooooo hard that night in Tokyo, it was like a thunderstorm and I had to buy an umbrella at Flying Tiger T_T I heard that they had to close izakaya earlier because of the rain. I managed to arrive at the cinema in time. Glad that I could watch some movie trailers that I haven't watched before (I squealed when they showed Dr. Strange and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them trailer. Kyaaa...my fave actors <333)

The movie was just so so, but if my ichiban were Gunchan, I'd be dead since the beginning of the movie because he is so damn handsome hahahaha. I even felt nothing throughout half of the movie. Not until did it get to the scene where he asked "do you only like my cooking?", my heart bled lmao! damn! he looked so sweet there my heart just couldn't take it hahahahahaha. And in the scene where he sang Happy Birthday to Sayaka, I could hear some inhumane noises from the girls around me lmao!

15 July - Back to THE BASE & Izakaya EXILE where amazingness happened

With a different companion this time ^^

Masami-chan and I decided to go to THE BASE first because the weather wasn't conducive enough to be in Izakaya. I ordered MUGEN omurice again and oolong tea hahaha...and also Noboru kakigori. Masami-chan ordered Smokey chicken (it's really big but not really recommended). We got White Rascals table this time (my fate with Sannoh table was so bad huhu). After eating and chatting for a while, I realized that the stage was closed omg! "someone is coming???"

We were so anxious to know whether someone was coming to THE BASE or not, because we only got 30 minutes to use the table. While feeling worried, I saw a familiar face! Honoka san!!!! I first met her in Taiwan during GENE EX there. I was so surprised to see her there. She told us that she's working in Osaka now and was taking a leave that day to go to Tokyo. We were wondering if someone was really coming. Then suddenly the staff asked us to sit down and put our phones inside our bag. OMG THIS IS IT!!!!! but ....nothing happened lol! It was almost an hour later (we were lucky that we were still allowed to sit at our table that long) that the staff asked us to put our phones inside the bag again and they moved around holding a board with a NO MOBILE PHONE sign. And suddenly we heard someone beatboxing. OMG IS IT KENJIROO???? I almost lost my mind. Then the stage was opened. DOBERMAN INFINITY SHOWED UP!!! KYAAAAAA....SWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY hahahahaha....he looks so damn handsome and sexy!! XD They sang 2 songs, the first one I don't know what the title was lol but they sang JUMP AROUND as the second song. The performance was so fun to watch XD That was the second time I'd watched DI mini live, the first one was at EXSHOW in Taiwan. Kazuki is so cute btw hahahaha

Before leaving THE BASE, we met Honoka san again. She told me she'd be heading to Odaiba to attend FNS recording. The recording would be from 4-6pm. Knowing this, we decided to go to IZAKAYA again \o/

Oh btw, I met Ka-kun at THE BASE. He's really famous for his monomane as TAKAHIRO. OMG! I was surprised to see him there. He looks like TAKAHIRO a lot I thought I saw the real him XD I normally don't like to take pictures with any EXILE monomane, even ATSUSHI monomane, but with him is totally a must! XD I followed him on twitter too XD

It was cloudy the whole day that day. When we arrived at Odaiba, some fans were standing outside the venue where the recording was held. It was so stupid of me for not carefully checking the lottery email from EXFAMILY about this event T_T I thought it was going to be held after I left Japan, so I didn't take part in the ballot. I know I might not win, but at least I had tried. Had I not been so stupid T__T

We bought the entrance ticket to IZAKAYA (the ticket was sold at 1000 yen until the 15th since it was the pre-opening), but we didn't go inside yet. We decided to join other fans and enjoyed the rehearsal and the recording hahahaha....it was far though but it was free, so yeah XDDD

We really carefully planned this. We didn't want to enter IZAKAYA too soon or too late because we were sure that all the LDH acts that were recording FNS must have stopped by at IZAKAYA since the venues are just next to each other. So after Sandaime finished performing Summer Madness, we ran to IZAKAYA entrance gate. There was queue, but it was still okay. The staff gave us the fourth table from the stage OMG SOO CLOSE!!! We got USA table.

I ordered Gunchan's unagiri (again haha) and orange juice. And then about 30 minutes after we sat, the staff asked us to sit and put our phones in our bag. We all went KYAAAAA...OMG THIS IS IT!!! HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA....

Then suddenly KENCHI & NESMITH showed up, followed by Tetchan and KEIJI aaaannndddd HAYATO!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! Masami-chan and I went crazy when we saw Hayato because we didn't expect it at all. We thought all THE SECOND members would be on stage hahahahaha

OHGOD!!! KENCHI looked soooo damn handsome with that blue hair of his T_T and Tetchan oh Tetchan, he looks so perfect! sooooo damn kirakira I was smitten XDDDDDD It's so good to see Hayato so natural with his senpais. This unstoppable chatter really likes to talk hahahahaha....what a perfect MC XD They had 5 signed YEAH YEAH YEAH posters for the fans and we played janken in order to win that. Of course luck wasn't on my side lol! but it was really fun. Happiness also came. Ruri is soooooo beautiful! We sang Happy Birthday to Karen. Her birthday was actually the day after. She is so cute XD

Actually GENE came earlier in the morning to IZAKAYA. We only knew about this when we were heading to Odaiba :( Oh well, it's okay though. We still got the chance to see Hayato so it was all good <333

(and because dark picture is also everything)

16 July - HIGH & LOW THE MOVIE - a miracle!-

The day I'd been waiting for!!!! \o/

You have no idea how much I'd been waiting for this day to come. I love love love H&L drama so much it's literally killing me inside T__T I'm normally skeptical with LDH dramas because they are normally a flop lol so I didn't have any expectation when I started watching H&L. OHMY!!! Little did I know that this drama would take over my life huhuhuhuhu so you can imagine how excited I was to be able to see the movie on the first day it was released in Japan T_T

We bought the ticket at Lalaport Toyosu. Masami chan helped me buy the ticket that also included the stage greetings. The guests were a secret though, so they could be anyone. Earlier in the morning, I checked out IG and found out that Omi & Kanta kun would be in Tokyo area for the stage greetings. I thought that time, since there was no news of Nobuyuki and Keita, I was still keeping a hope they they would show up at Lalaport, so I was still crossing my fingers.

The movie was awesome! OMG I cried from the beginning until the end lol! Not until did I see KOHAKU on the screen that I realized how huge the screen was, like reaaallly huge O_O
The big fighting scene between SWORD and Mighty Warriors was beyond awesome omg I got goosebumps T__T and the fighting scene between Hiroto and Ice was also amazing! damn!!!! Omi's acting is really good! But of course, nothing can compare to the fighting scene between Kohaku, Tsukumo, Yamato and Cobra. OMGGG!!!!!!! I barely could take it. I cried so hard at this scene and I could hear the lady sitting next to me sobbing lol! Oh GOD I LOVE HIGH & LOW SO MUCH I CAN'T BE HELPED T___T

After the movie ended, the MC got up the stage and finally introduced the secret guests. KYAAAA.....We all went crazy when we saw Ryuji and then Omi and then KANTA KUN entering the cinema. OMGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! Having Ryuji there was like a big surprise hahahaha and HUHUHUHUHUHUHU I CAN FINALLY SEE KANTA KUN WITH MY OWN EYES MY DREAM WAS FULFILLED T___T OmiRyu were so pretty and handsome at the same time lol while Kanta kun was soooo darn cute I love him so much.

During the talk, they chose questions from the audience.
Q: Which group is your most favorite? and if you were to choose a different group, which group would it be?
Kanta: Yappari Sannoh Rengou for me. I love the brotherhood in the group. And if I were to be in another group, I'd choose RUDE BOYS because they are so cool.
Omi: Oh well, I don't belong to SWORD (laughs),but my favorite is MW and I want to be in it. The reason is because they are so cool with all the music, the club, the fashion and the car. And they are rich too (LMAO!!! the audience laughed so hard)
Ryuji: Is it okay for me to answer this? (LOL) Well, I always love MUGEN since the very beginning, so it's definitely MUGEN for me

The stage greetings didn't take long though, but it was more than enough for me. OH KANTA KUN!!! <333

oh Yamato, how I love you so T__T

After the movie, we decided to go to THE BASE again hahahahaha.

We were so lucky because just as we arrived, THE RAMPAGE showed up on stage. LIKIYA, Jin, Kaisei, Rui, Itsuki showed up on stage. Aaahhh....Rui! I love him! The staff gave up a very bad table because we couldn't see the stage at all from our seat because it was blocked by the clothes display ugh! Suddenly Hokuto, Kazuma and RIKU appeared on stage OMGGG!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE KAZUMA I NEARLY FAINTED LOL! I've been a fan of his since VBA4 I'm so glad I was finally able to see him with my own eyes T__T He looks so exteremly kakkoii!!! <333 Their live performance was surprisingly good! They sang FIND A WAY. How I wish they were given a PV for this amazing song! I wonder how tall Hokuto is, he looks so tall from my seat, this cutie puppy hahahaha

We didn't spend much time at THE BASE because we weren't satisfied with our seat so we decided to sit outside instead. We were still contemplating if we should go back to IZAKAYA lol! but knowing that our favorite men wouldn't be there we decided not to go. We were about to leave Shiodome when we suddenly heard the fans screaming from inside THE BASE, so we rushed back inside LMAO! We didn't have to pay again for the entry because we were still wearing the bracelet and it was a one day pass. There were no stand-by staff so we picked our own seat hahahahaha....we picked Daruma Ikka seat that was in the middle and close to the stage XD It was THE RAMPAGE again, but with different performers; Kenta, Mako chan, Shohei & Goto Takuma. And The three vocalists showed up again singing the same song XDDD After their performance, we took a picture together and they posted it on their official twitter hahahaha...so lucky XDDDD
We only ordered AMAZING COFFEE this time XD

17 July Kita Koshigaya - Koshigaya Matsuri -

I went to Shibuya in the morning because I want to watch H&L THE MOVIE again hahaha....I watched it for free though because I redeemed my free ticket from EXFAMILY (those who won the lottery for H&L THE LIVE were given a free ticket to watch the movie. Isn't EXFAMILY awesome or what? <3). Still crying so hard though lol!

After watching the movie, I headed to Kita Koshigaya and met Masami-chan there. Kita Koshigaya is ATSUSHI's hometown, so I was at my hubby's hometown hahahaha....I'd never been to natsu matsuri before so it was a very nice experience. I was hoping that ATSUSHI would come though (he used to come to this matsuri in the past, Masami chan said),but unfortunately I wasn't that lucky T_T

After Koshigaya matsuri, I went to my hostel again to pick up my luggage. It was so stupid of me for not booking until the next day. I called other hostels to ask whether they still had a vacant bed in their female dorm room but unfortunately all were fully booked since it was a Sunday T__T So I decided to just go to Narita and spend the night there lol well, not bad XD That was my first overnight stay at Narita. Spent 1000 yen to use the shower room at 9hr hotel. The 1000 yen was worth it though. Everything was provided, even a locker and towels. The place is also very clean and nice. I was tempted to try this capsule hotel when I have the chance to go back to Tokyo, but it seems a bit expensive and I am allergic to expensive stays XDDDD

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It looked so fun!! I'm so happy for you! :D
qnuy kusanagi: geneqnuy on July 25th, 2016 02:49 am (UTC)
Thank you for the comment hahaha...sometimes I feel embarrassed when I read my posts again lol