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29 November 2016 @ 01:07 pm
Last week, I was on my way to the Teacher's room when suddenly I was "ambushed" by a mother who asked me to tutor her daughter. I was confused because I had never met her before, and her daughter wasn't in the classes I teach. She told me that her daughter wanted to improve her English skills as well as her TOEFL score because she's planning to enter one of the most prestigious universities here in Indonesia. The mother looked so desperate because there wasn't enough time, she said, I couldn't say no.

So I went to her house yesterday to meet her daughter and to discuss the schedule. Her daughter's English is actually very good I was impressed. She's also very lovely and chatty. She said her mom is like her manager who knows everything about her schedules at school and cram school lol! The mother and daughter are really lovely it made me jealous just to see how nakayoku both of them were. The daughter really has a scary schedule as she's facing a national exam and then another exam to enter university. I just couldn't imagine myself if I were her. I kept asking her if it was really okay for her to have another private class as her days have already been so packed with other private classes. She insisted that it was completely okay because she really needed to improve her TOEFL score. Then, when we were fixing the schedule, she said she couldn't take the class next weekend because she has JLPT. She was surprised to know that I know JLPT and that I also like Japanese, and we ended up switching from speaking English to speaking Japanese hahaha

After we fixed the schedule, her mother said that her family is planning to go to Japan for a holiday in May next year and asked me if I had been to Japan before. It was so funny that I spent another one hour helping her with her Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka itinerary XD Another amusing coincidence is that her parents in law's house happens to be just 300m away from mine lol! I wonder if it's a fate when we met that night.

on a totally different note:
Life has been so tough lately and I've let down and hurt people I hold very dearly in my life. I'm so disappointed and disgusted with myself I feel like disappearing from this world. I wonder if things will ever be the same again ;_;